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We solicit a loan through"makuake"for your product. Makuake is the biggest crowdfunding platform in Japan. It is very effective in Japan to introduce attractive and inovative products throngh makuake.



We can see how customers react to your products. If the crowdfunding is successful,your product may be introduced to the media. We can promote your products to large retail stores,after raising money for crowdfunding. We will sell your products through e-commerce platforms such as amazon,rakuten.



We can brand your product in Japan.We can create a landing page and so on,increase the brand value of your products with social media cooperating.

We are

We have many skills and experience how to proposal to many customers.
We can develop your innovative products in online stores.
We know how to import/export goods in Japan.
We will purchase your product including delivery charge,after raising money for crowdfunding.We will work with you flexibly to maximize your results. 

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